United Energy Solutions Solar has a passion for all things solar. And yes, we have a great story to tell. United Energy Solutions Solar has helped homeowners save tremendous amounts off their electric bill by installing solar energy systems. Recognized as “The Best Solar Company”, “The Best Value Solar Provider” as well as  “The Highest Quality Home Solar Installation by a Home Solar Company”, we have custom designed and financed thousands of residential solar installations. The result — our solar homeowners save tremendous amounts off their energy bills and have become energy independent.

Today, Solar Power and Solar Energy Systems have reached a staggering thousands of solar rooftops in India. Residential solar has become the smart choice and is no longer considered alternative energy. United Energy Solutions Solar, headquartered in Hyderabad, has continually been the leader in solar energy systems by introducing and installing the latest, state-of-the-art solar panel and photovoltaic (pv) technology. Our team consist of dedicated solar specialists, solar energy system designers.

United Energy Solutions Solar makes it easy to go solar with worry-free, no money down financing. If you are probably like most, you have a lot of questions about going solar. How much does solar cost, how does solar work or how quickly will you see savings on your power bill? We can answer many of your questions over the telephone, by email or by scheduling an in home solar consultation with one of our experienced solar specialists. Simply contact us and then relax. We will answer all of your questions and take care of all the details. United Energy Solutions Solar’s entire team is deeply committed to our customers now and well into the future.



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